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When you walk inside the ordinary-looking building, you will feel as if you have entered another world. You will probably have tons of questions to ask,  since a lot of things look really odd. Everything in the store has a spiritual or metaphysical purpose, so if you have any question, just ask. The staff is super-friendly and they have a lot of knowledge of about things metaphysical or magickal. There are many one-of-a-kind items, imported items and a large selection of used books also..
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What others have to say about us       
      Went in to browse and ended up getting a reading with Brian. He was spot on! I was so impressed and pleased with how the reading went that I made a point to see him the next time I  came in. The store is a little far of a drive but the materials and staff are just lovely. Fair prices for candles and they offer some interesting classes. A hospitable atmosphere overall.
                                                                                                                                     - Diane Crawford
It's the metaphysical store I've been going to 25yrs, I have to say the owners have always been very welcoming, and given exceptional professional customer service, also the selection of products and prices are great, and if they don't have it, ask them , they ususally find what you need or substitution and order it for you, also the different readers, dowsers , classes they offered over the years, have been excellent, and now their offering mail-order I'm very thrilled, many thanks to alphabooks     - G Gorman