Over 47 Years in the Wiccan, Pagan, and Magical Community

Starting as a small pagan store in 1971, Alpha grew into one of the largest Pagan, and New Age stores in the state! The store is currently on line only and specializes in rare, out-of-print, and discount books, ritual tools and mystical products. If you can't find what you're looking for anywhere else, check our catalog and you may find it there!
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books - used and rare
The Amazing Power of Solar Kinetics  by Madelene Morris     $70
Ascended Master Light  hardcover   $35
The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin hardcover      $20
Godwin's Caballistic Encyclopedia unknown first edition     $100
The Finished Kingdom by Lillian De Waters     $10

I Am Discourses vol. 9 hardcover   $35
I Am Discourses vol. 10 hardcover   $35
In Tune with the Infinte by Thomas Masson hardcover 1928      $25
Invocation of the Gods by Ellen Cannon Reed    $10
Journey Through the Twelve Forests by David L. Haberman   $40
Macro Study Guide    booklet by Thea Alexander  $25
Magic: Its Rites and History by M. Bouisson   $20
The Parousia first edition by J. Stuart Russell    $25
Secret Destiny of America hardcover 1972   by M.P. Hall  $40
The Soncino Chumash, ed. Rev. Dr. A. Cohen     $20

The Visitations  by Ruth Norman  hardcover  $420

books - new and unusual
As A Man Thinketh     booklet by James Allen    $2.50
Awareness Techniques    booklet byWilliam Swygard   $2.50
Be Here Now  softcover  by Baba Ram Das    $12
Bhagavad Gita   hardback  by Yogi Ramachakraka    $10
Crystal Dictionary    booklet   $1.95
Hidden History    booklet    $1.95
How to Curse Your Enemies    booklet   $1.95
How to Make Magic Work     booklet    $1.95
How to Meditate   softcover  by Lawrence Le Shan     $9
How to Use the Pendulum       booklet  $1.95
It Works!     booklet by RHJ     $1.95
Lost Books of the Bible    softcover    $18
Nag Hammadi Scriptures     softback by Meyer & Pagels    $18
New Age Bible      softcover by Rev. John Rodgers     $9.95
Numerology      booklet    $1.95
Satanic Bible     paperback  by Anton LaVey    $7.99
Satanic Rituals      paperback  by Anton La Vey    $7.99
The Secrets of the Pentagram     booklet   $1.95
Sex and Sweethearts      booklet by Vernon Howard   $1.50
Stanzas of Dzyan     booklet by M. Blavatsky  $3
Things that Go Bump in the Night    booklet   $1.95
Using the Magic Wand    booklet      $1.95
Using the Ouija Board     booklet    $1.95
Your Power to Say No     booklet by Vernon Howard   $2

metaphysical and magical supplies
Dreaming Way Tarot Deck     $12
Elfen  protection talisman    $4.95
Holy Water  3-3/4 ounce glass bottle     $10.95 
Krishna    12" brass statue   $59
Medcine Woman Tarot Deck   $14
Mexican Magical Fetish   carved wood 18 inches    $195
Oil of Iniquity  1/2 ounce bottle   $9.95   
Shadowscape Tarot Deck  $14
Shapeshifter Tarot Deck     $14
Sheepskin (Vellum) Parchment    $7.95
Shining Angel Tarot Deck    $16