Alpha Book Center
4532 No. Seventh Street
Phoenix AZ 85014

Store Hours:
Monday thru Friday 
9 am - 8:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday 
10 am - 5:30 pm

Our psychics are
available every day

Mail Orders
gIve us a call at
we will assist you
in your selection
and ship it to you
for only $6.95

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    Incense for Your Environment or for Magic

Incense in powder, sticks, or cones in hundreds of scents from 10-cents-a-stick
                    to $24.95 for a large box of Nag Champa and everything in between
    Almost Everything You can Think of Metaphysically
Crystals & Gems, Rings & Pendants, Many Pendulums, Calendars,  Book of Shadows,
                  100's of Tarot Cards,  Athames in all sizes, Statuary,  DVDs, Calendars, Herbs,
                   Magick Wands, Soaps & Washes, and so much, much more.